The Cotswold Perfumery - Perfume Making Courses
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Perfume Creation Services

Cotswold Perfumery provides value-added perfume creation services including support and guidance, Corporate Perfume Training, Perfume Laboratory Days, Technical Perfumes Services, Bespoke Perfumery Courses and our exclusive Marketing Your Perfume course.

Whether you want to launch your own range of fine fragrances and need help understanding and completing the vast amount of paperwork involved or you just need to have expert guidance on hand when you need it most we are here to offer that support.

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Corporate Training

If your business or organisation is involved in manufacturing or selling fragrant products, expert Cotswold Perfumery training will increase your staff’s knowledge, improve their ability to sell, and boost their self-confidence.

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Technical Services

We offer a full Documentation, Mentoring and Contract Packaging service to support the launch of your own fine fragrances

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Bespoke Perfumery Courses

Choose your own date for a private beginners’, advanced or tailor-made perfume course from the Cotswold Perfumery, especially created to meet your requirements.

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Lab Days

Hands-on Perfume Fragrance Making Training. If you’ve completed our beginners’ perfumery course or advanced perfume training, Cotswold Perfumery Lab Days are your chance to put your new skills into practice, in our fully equipped fragrance laboratory.

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Marketing Your Perfume

You’ve made a fabulous perfume - and now you’d like to market it. A very exciting and essential part of making your own perfume is branding it, bottling it (in a good way) and taking it to market. This one day course takes you through your options.

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